Podcast #10: Without struggle there is no progress! Rayna DuBose

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Former Virgina Tech Women's Basketball player, Rayna DuBose joins us on the podcast. #virginiatechhokies #motivationalspeaker #motivation #success #TheCarleenaShow #podcast
The Carleena Show Podcast | Rayna DuBose

In 2002, Rayna DuBose was a star athlete on Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball team when she was diagnosed with a rare bacterial infection and lost her four limbs.

In today’s episode, Rayna walks us through her journey. She discusses the mentors who encouraged her to get back in the game and share her inspirational story with others.

Rayna has been recognized with many prestigious awards in sports and has appeared in several national news outlets. Among them: HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, CBS Sports, the CBS Early Show, and local news stations. Currently, she is a basketball coach and motivational speaker. She has keynoted events with NCAA schools, youth leadership groups, doctors, troubled youth, fortune 500 companies, etc.

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The Carleena Show talks to former Virginia Tech Women's Basketball player, Rayna DuBose. We discuss the bacterial infection that cost her her limbs, motivational speaking, personal development, overcoming challenges, and mentoring youth. #virginiatechhokies #motivationalspeaker #motivation #success #TheCarleenaShow #podcast