Podcast #3: Jennifer Silver: The Journey Of A Young Film Director

The Carleena Show features in-depth conversations with guests from around the world. Host Carleena Angwin is a writer, public health professional, and former Peace Corps Volunteer based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Jennifer Silver joins The Carleena Show podcast to discuss the journey of a young artist and film director. #filmmaking #filmmaker #director #directing #femalefilmmakers #documentary #atlanta #TheCarleenaShowToday’s guest moved from her small town in Ohio to downtown Atlanta to pursue her dream of directing and writing. She talks about the journey of discovering her passion at a young age and working diligently towards that goal ever since. But pursuing an artistic dream comes with its challenges. Jen unpacks those challenges with insight and humor.

[14:10] “Creating art that speaks to people is an incredibly unique opportunity. I’ve been pursing that very diligently, much to my own dismay. Because it’s exhausting sometimes.”
[20:50] “Walk me through the highs and lows of a project cycle.”
[31:15] “How do you take your experiences from life and incorporate them into your art?”
[37:00] “I’ve talked to so many people who can point to one year in their 20s and say, ‘this year sucked.’ For me, it was definitely 25. I hit rock bottom in a lot of areas in my life all at once. The day I turned 26, I said goodbye to something really big.”

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Jennifer Silver joins us on The Carleena Show podcast to discuss the journey of a young artist and film director. #filmmaking #filmmaker #director #directing #femalefilmmakers #documentary #atlanta #TheCarleenaShow