First Post – It (the post) Will Get Better, I Promise

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My goal with this site is to share my experience preparing for and beginning an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Goucher College this January. I will share snippets of the past several months leading up to this point, which include:

  1. The morning of July 2014, when I realized NOW is the time to start the process of writing my book.
  2. Researching story craft and books in the creative nonfiction genre, learning to read books as a writer, and noting the authors’ use of backstory, reflective voice and verb tense in the margins.
  3. Enrolling in Creative Nonfiction magazine’s “Advanced Memoir and Personal Essay” online writing course with instructor, Jonathan Callard, and sharing my work with others for the first time in 15 years.
  4. Meeting writers at Creative  Writers Conference and making lasting connections with them.
  5. Deciding to apply to Goucher’s MFA program, thinking it would be a nice experiment because they would never accept me.
  6. Being accepted into Goucher’s MFA program and realizing this was my opportunity to follow my dream, so don’t screw it up by chickening out – GO!
  7. Encountering mentors along the way: face-to-face mentors, those who encouraged me from a distance, and those I haven’t met but feel like I know through their podcasts, books or TedTalk videos.

I will also write about participating in Nanowrimo “National Novel Writing Month” this November and what it’s like to write 1,600 words a day for a month.

So, join me on this journey.