From Peace Corps to Podcasting

(This article was previously published in Peace Corps Panama Friends Newsletter.) I joined Peace Corps nearly eighteen years ago to find a sense of community and purpose. Life is cyclical that way, and last year, my motivations for launching a podcast were the same. Let me back up. I suppose I was a non-traditional PeaceContinue reading “From Peace Corps to Podcasting”

This Happened, Then This Happened. Who Cares? A Craft Paper.

Carleena Angwin is an MFA Creative Nonfiction candidate at Goucher College. This is her second semester craft paper. How do we, as nonfiction writers, organize anecdotes and reflections in such a way that a story emerges? How do we write a story that is more than a sequence of events? How do we write aContinue reading “This Happened, Then This Happened. Who Cares? A Craft Paper.”