Podcast #7: Bridget Frank Of Interviews With Exes

Bridget Frank from the Interviews With Exes podcast joins host Carleena Angwin on The Carleena Show podcast.

Bridget Frank from the Interviews With Exes podcast joins host Carleena Angwin on The Carleena Show podcast.Bridget Frank hosts and produces the Interviews with Exes podcast based out of Toronto.

In today’s discussion, Bridget tells us why she went on a journey to interview all of her exes.

She talks about depression, anxiety, being an empath, and how those three attributes, when left unmanaged, have impacted past relationships.

We talk about the insights Bridget has gained in the process, and the plans she has for protecting herself, and her creative ambitions in future relationships.

If you are an empath, or if you are in a relationship with an empath, this episode is for you.

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Bridget’s Bio:

Creating Interviews with Exes came completely organically. I wanted to speak to one ex to gain insight on where I was going wrong in love.

When telling a friend of what I was about to do, he said, “Wow I would love to be a fly on the wall during that conversation” that’s when the lightbulb when off. I went on to record that conversation and many more with some hard questions and answers from my exes and turned it into a podcast.

I’ve gained a lot of insight on myself and relationships and believe the listeners have gained insight on themselves and relationships as well by living vicariously through me recording these conversations.

The podcast will continue with other brave people doing the same, allowing us to hear more examples of relationships and people to learn from those struggles and relationships as well.

On top of hosting and producing Interviews With Exes I also direct, write and act.

You can find interviews with exes on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Patreon and interviewswithexes@gmail.com

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Bridget Frank from Interviews With Exes joins us on the show to talk discuss empaths in relationships. #TheCarleenaShow #podcast #journey #empaths #HSPs #empath #HSP #highlysensitive #highlysensitiveperson
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