Carleena grew up in Sennett, New York – a metropolis of twenty people, thirty cows, and cornfields perfect for hide-n-seek and mentos/diet coke rockets.

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In her spare time, she wrote stories in notebooks concealed with padlocks, took walks down to the creek (pronounced creek), and smiled at loved ones with a mouth full of gums.

Life hasn’t changed much since then, except now she lives in Chattanooga, TN and has a yankee southern accent (yes, that really is a thing) and speaks español (some days better than others).

In her spare time, she’s working on an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Goucher College. Her writing draws from post-cornfield experiences in cross cultural relations, the foster care system, public health, cartoon animation and yoga.

She’s a fierce advocate for the under-represented and under-served, and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself or others, (especially the over-represented and over-served).

Finally, Carleena believes a Bio is one of the ONLY places where you should refer to yourself in the third person. Anywhere else is terribly pretentious and would elicit a sarcastic yankee smile without the gums.