Carleena Angwin grew up in Sennett, New York – a metropolis of twenty people, thirty cows, and cornfields perfect for hide-n-seek and mentos/diet coke rockets.

Carleena Angwin BIO. Photo by www.StevenLlorca.com
Carleena Angwin BIO. Photo by http://www.StevenLlorca.com

In her spare time, she wrote stories in notebooks concealed with padlocks, took walks down to the creek (pronounced creek), and smiled at loved ones with a mouth full of gums.

Life hasn’t changed much since then, except now she lives in Chattanooga, TN and has a yankee southern accent (yes, that really is a thing) and speaks español (some days better than others).

In her spare time, she’s working on an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Goucher College. Her writing draws from post-cornfield experiences in cross cultural relations, the foster care system, public health, cartoon animation and yoga.

She’s a fierce advocate for the under-represented and under-served, and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself or others, (especially the over-represented and over-served).

Finally, Carleena believes a Bio is one of the ONLY places where you should refer to yourself in the third person. Anywhere else is terribly pretentious and would elicit a sarcastic yankee smile without the gums.

Professional Experience

MFA Creative Nonfiction Candidate | Goucher College | Received guidance and mentorship from faculty members: Jacob Levenson, Suzannah Lessard, Wil S. Hylton & Madeleine Blais

United States Peace Corps | Panama

University English Instructor | Mexico

Trek Instructor | Where There Be Dragons | Mexico

Program Director | Lookout Mountain Court Appointed Special Advocate | Georgia

Public Health Department | Tennessee

Nickelodeon Animation Studio Intern | California | Disclaimer: I didn’t do anything of substance here except give tours and push buttons on the cappuccino wall, but I add it because it’s COOL!

Certifications and Licenses

Spanish/English Interpreter | Language Line Solutions

Licensed Massage Therapist | Tennessee Board Certified

Lead Trainer | A Matter of Balance | Maine Health

Program Leader | Tomando Control de Su Salud | Stanford Patient Education Resource Center

Master Trainer | Chronic Disease Self-Management Program | Stanford Patient Education Resource Center

Yoga Teacher Training | Vinyasa, Older Adult Yoga, Yin | Asheville Yoga Center

Reiki Level 1 & 2 | Bliss Wood Reiki


Writing & Editing | Group Facilitation & Training | Public Speaking | Mind & Body Wellness | Media Relations | Spanish Interpretation | Cross-Cultural Relations | Website Development | Stand Up


Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice | 2017


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